Tree surveys / ARB Reports

The importance of tree surveys can easily be overlooked but applies to many industries. Our surveys adhere to BS 5837 standards covering the following:

  • Arboricultural impact assessments
  • BS 5837 Tree surveys for planning developments
  • Tree risk assessment surveys
  • Tree health reports
  • Mortgage reports
  • Tree preservation & conservation reports
  • Insurance reports

We offer one of the most in depth surveys on the market. We survey for many schools, developers, estates and management companies and our clients trust us implicitly . We work with chartered surveyors with a wealth of knowledge and experience within the arboriculture industry.

Risk assessment surveys should be carried out every two years to prevent the rapid decline of any tree going unnoticed. Without up to date surveys insurance can become invalid as health and safety policies are breached. We work closely with our clients to manage the risk of any trees we feel may be compromised especially where human traffic is at its highest.

Planning development often requires an impact assessment when trees are within the vicinity of a proposed build. Making sure the trees health is not compromised whilst offering alternatives is a must and our relationship with most local councils often makes this process stress free for our clients.

Our reports cover a range of topics, insurance claims often require an arboricultural report especially when property has been damaged. Mortgage reports allow you to buy your new home with peace of mind and our TPO/conservation reports specialise in seeking permission from local authorities to allow work on protected trees.

If you would like more information on any of our surveys/reports get in contact.